New era in the life of condominiums.

Hazfal is a condominium community network, which purpose is to connect the residents meanwhile it makes their finance transparent and builds community.

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Aunt Baba and Bogi

residents of a condominium in Budapest

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Manage your housing online

Manage the condominium business online

We started to use Hazfal in our condominium three months ago. I would never thought, how interesting people live here and how many common things we have, which about we never spoke of. Since we installed Hazfal a lot more people join the conversations, more people go to the general meetings, and it’s easier to get to know each other.

Peter Kiss and Szandra Horvath residents of a condominium in Budapest

The online condominium manager software is easy to use. 2 minutes and you get the hang of it, you’ll see!

If you live in a condominium, Hazfal is meant for you. Moreover, it’s absolutely free.

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Manage your housing online

Experience the freedom

Take Hazfal everywhere with you and manage your finance wherever and whenever you would like to. Communicate with your residents on the tram and follow the finance of the condominium from a coffee shop. You can use perfectly Hazfal from the mobile browsers or download the Android app.

You can download the free app from the Google Play!

Download our free Hazfal app to your Android* device in 1 minute.

*The administrators’ app is only available on tablets.

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Save time and money as administrator

For administrators too!

Hazfal does not only help the residents, but also the administrators. Beyond simplifying the communication it makes opportunity to fault management, administrating finance and bookkeeping. Because of the several automated process it is cost-cutting and you have more time to satisfy the residents’ needs.

Are you bored with the lot of paperwork and administration as an administrator?

Hazfal speeds up the communication in the condominium, helps in the debt collecting and in the condominium units managing.

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Get to know your neighbors

Get to know your neighbors

Hazfal is such an online software, which purpose includes strengthening the relationships between the residents. Walk our dogs together, take care of the garden together and make our living environment friendlier. On Hazfal we can easily ask for help, search partner for our ideas.

Screenshot about the system of Hazfal condominium